13 November 2023 (19:59)

Welcome to Mercadia!

Mercadia is a server inspired by version 7.1 Tibia. The look and feel of the server is inspired by that era. Please visit the Features page to see a detailed list of the changes we've made for this server.

The 7.1 map is small by modern standards, including Rookgaard, Thais, Carlin, Ab'Dendriel, Kazordoon, Venore, Edron, and Darashia. Although the map is small, you will find that Mercadia's map is very dense. We've made custom enhancements and additions to the map you know and love, including many hunting areas, custom quests, and even custom bosses.

You will also discover that Mercadia has its own history to tell. Two factions have taken control of Tibia, The Mercadian Knights, a force allied with King Tibianus and dedicated to fighting for honor and Banor, headquartered in Thais, and The Mercenarys, a trade group headquartered in Venore that fights for free trade and economic freedom from the Crown's control. Players can explore missions working for both factions, and can even choose to join one or the other faction when they reach level 40. Which faction a player chooses will have big implications for the future and opportunities available to that character.

Mercadia was created by fans of Tibia's lore and history and you will find many NPCs with new things to say about this world. You will also find that many of them have missions for you. Books also play an important role in this server, and any new libraries you discover will contain stories for you to discover and explore.